About Us

The founding members of the WTC Research Alliance and Legislative Division are:

Barry Ball has been a Portland 911 group facilitator/activist and co-author of the 9/11 investigation bill and its presenter to House members and the research director of the House Science & Technological Committee in Washington last September.

Barbara Ellis, Ph.D, is a long-time journalist (LIFE magazine, Washington, D.C. Evening Star, Beirut Daily Star) and was a technical-journalism professor (Oregon State University/Louisiana’s McNeese State University). She was a 2004 nominee for the Pulitzer Prize in history (The Moving Appeal) and, now, the principal of a writing/editing/pr firm.

Russ Hallberg is a Portland activist who has been heavily involved since 2004 in activism concerning impeachment, 9/11, depleted uranium, and, currently, low-level radiation studies. His explanation for his work is that : “My history-teacher mother taught me well about false-flag operations and the 1898 sinking of the USS Maine.”


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